Still recovering from the holidays? Put your feet up and catch this month's outstanding TV programming. Arnold Schwarzenegger reigns over the boardroom in the new season of The Celebrity Apprentice. Add a little intrigue and adventure to your January with Sherlock and Bones. The Worst Cooks in America pair up with celebrity chefs to make messes and masterpieces. For some post-holiday merriment, gather 'round for some Bad Lip Reading from the NFL.
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Find Adventures and Intrigue
With Sherlock on PBS

Even in modern-day London, Sherlock's powers of observation reign supreme. Play the game to find out if your observational skills compare. Not sure if you're a Sherlock or a sidekick? Take this quiz. Watch show creators answer revealing questions about Sherlock Season 4.

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Whose Goose Will Get Cooked
on Worst Cooks in America?

The Food Network pulled together the worst cooks in the country and paired them with professional mentors to compete for $25,000. How well would you fare at Worst Cooks Boot Camp? Try judge Anne Burrell's easy lasagna recipe but avoid these Top 10 Cooking Don'ts in the kitchen!

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The Blonde Won Over the Brains
in December's Viewer Poll

In December, we asked you to vote for your favorite Big Bang Theory character. Penny quickly rose to the top of the class. This waitress-slash-actress has endless patience for the lovable geeks on the show. She might not have a PhD from an Ivy League school, but she's smart enough to pick some entertaining friends.
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